Steve & YasuIf the design is not correct to begin with, then even the best manufacturing capability in the world can do no more than produce a well made product that doesn’t work.

At ASI, we apply a rigorous engineering analysis to our products before they go to the prototype stage. For our check valves, this entails stress and deflection analysis of critical components such as the seat, gaskets, and valve casing. A fluid flow analysis is then performed to make certain that the pressure drop across the valve is within proper limits. Finally, a tolerance study is performed on the design to insure that the parts fit together (it is here where 90% of all designs fail!).

Once the prototype is built, we test it to verify that the performance matches the theory.

Next, we build several production-like units that allow us to prove manufacturability, reliability, and most important of all, the consistency of the product performance and reliability over the specified range of manufacturing tolerances.