ASI 576 Infusion Syringe Pump for MS target analyte tuning; ion suppression test & matrix addition. The Infusion Syringe Pump is configured to inject either sample or wash solvent into a post-column medium pressure fluidic system via integrated selector valve.

The ASI 576 infusion syringe pump features:

  • Self-priming check valves allow operation in horizontal or vertical mounting orientation576-infusion.-6.2.2016.jpg
  • Patented floating pump seal design for extended seal life              
  • Precision screw-driven 750 µL syringe
  • Nanoliter to microliter flow rates
  • Selectable sample or wash solvent flows  
  • Wash seal optional for pumping buffers
  • Remote operation with graphical user interface via USB connection

Infusion Syringe Pump Application