Give Your Clients a Higher Level of Equipment Performance

Service repair teams can gain a competitive advantage by using high-quality HPLC parts and components every time.

No matter how hard you work and how much expertise you bring to the table, there’s one variable that can make or break the satisfaction of your clients: the quality of the components you install. Not only can a bad part cause machine failure, damage your reputation, and reduce your repeat business, but it also creates extra repair work for you—costing you precious time and money.

Parts fail when they’re designed badly, manufactured poorly, or installed incorrectly. So don’t take any chances with cut-rate, low-quality vendors. Partner with ASI as your main source of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) replacement parts.

With ASI, you can not only prevent part failures, but also set yourself apart from your competition by delivering the outstanding machine performance your clients demand. That’s because many of our parts offer specifications or capabilities that are well beyond the comparable OEM parts.

Protect Your Reputation with Higher Quality Components

Every visit to a client site is an opportunity for you to provide expert service backed by the highest quality components. But when you have to make return trips to readjust or replace an improperly performing part, your reputation takes a hit each time you walk through the door. ASI designs and manufactures parts to the level of quality you demand.

Of course, even the best-designed components aren’t much use if they’re rarely available when you need them. Service providers like you often have trouble getting the right parts directly from OEMs. ASI not only focuses on maximizing the availability of the items you need most, but also makes them available at highly competitive prices. And because ASI parts are engineered to work as well or better than OEM parts, you’ll reduce the need for return visits and increase your profitability from each account.

Want to take customer satisfaction one step further? Keep in mind that many ASI parts, such as check valves, can actually enable better performance in HPLC equipment. That gives you an easy way to differentiate yourself from other service providers—and increase ROI for your clients.

Let ASI Help You Meet Client Expectations

Don’t keep clients waiting while you wait to source parts from the OEM. And don’t test your clients’ patience as you make multiple return visits to adjust or replace poorly performing parts and components. Give your clients the performance and uptime they expect. Ask ASI about our high-quality HPLC components and parts today.