Post-Column Application

Post-column splitting is fairly straight forward.  Like pre-column flow splitting, any significant additional pressure (resistance) down stream from the splitter may affect the split ratio.  Post-column devices also contribute to chromatographic dispersion so care must given to connecting tubing and fittings, especially at low flow rates.

Use the back pressure vs split ratio chart in PDF file “Post-Column Adjustable Flow Splitter Selection Charts” below to select a QuickSplit Adjustable Flow Splitter that will provide the desired split ratio range and back pressure.  These charts correspond to several flow rates and solvent systems.  The back pressure is directly proportional to flow rate and viscosity.  The back pressure estimates on these charts only apply to post-column applications.  Splitters are shipped complete with the resistor cartridge installed.

The ASI Model 600 Adjustable Flow Splitter is available for split flow rate as low as 1 nanoliter, please select "Nano Flow Splitters" from the left menu for more information.

To assure optimum pressure drop across the splitter, please specify the actual inlet flow rate when the splitter is ordered if it is significantly different from the calibration flow rate.


Post-Column 600 Series Adjustable Flow Splitter Selection Charts

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