The Adjustable Makeup-Flow Splitter can be used with a constant inlet flow rate thereby allowing the user dynamic control over the split ratio and split flow rate.  The Adjustable Makeup-Flow Splitters listed below are configured and calibrated assuming the Adjustable Makeup-Flow Splitter will be used to produce a wide split ratio range at the specified inlet flow rate.  Each Adjustable Makeup- Flow Splitter ships with a calibration plot of inlet flow rate vs resistor rod setting required to produce the specified split flow within the defined range.  Please contact ASI for ordering information if your application requires an inlet flow or split ratio range not included in the table below.

These splitters will generate a pressure range from approximately 100 to 800 PSI over the split flow range specified.  Although the split ratio will remain constant, pressure drop and outlet flow rates will change in proportion to changes in the inlet flow rate.  In order to maintain the pressure profile in the calibration plot, it is important to use these splitters at the inlet flow specified.  Please specify the actual inlet flow rate with your order if it deviates substantially from the calibration flow rate listed below.