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ASI 546 Series Features:


  • Intuitive Touchscreen display 
  • USB-serial connection 
  • Computer GUI and Modbus RTU communications via USB or RS485 
  • Available in Stainless Steel
  • 250 mL/min., 500 mL/min., 1,000 mL and 1,500 mL/min. available 
  • Self-priming Pump Head: Integral prime/purge for rapid solvent changes and self-priming 
  • Solvent Compressibility Compensation: User can select from a library of 15 solvents and 14 additional user-configured solvents
  • Easy Maintenance: All user serviceable components are accessed via the front panel


Option #1: Mechanical Pump Assembly only

Option #2: Pump + Servo Controller + Hydraulic Module (Transducer + Purge valve + Damper)546-2500-2-pump-assembly-on-a-base-plate-545-2000-1-pump-assy-dual-head-oem-3.jpg

Option #3: Pump + Servo Controller + Hydraulic Module without Damper

Option #4: Pump Assembly in Chassis


Option #1 to #4 are the typical configurations and we will make a custom configuration for your specifications.


ASI Model 546 Star Pilot Pump Flyer Print Version 

11" x 17" Landscape 2 sided, Reverse pages

ASI Model 546 Star Pilot Pump Flyer

8.5" x 11" Portrait 2 sided