QuickSplit™ Binary Fixed Flow Splitters

This easy to use “plug and play” device comes with a predefined split ratio eliminating tedious adjustments to capillary tubing.  Split ratio changes are accomplished by changing the resistor set.  The split ratio is determined by the ratio of fluid resistors installed in the splitter manifold.  The pressure drop across the fixed splitter for post column applications is typically low, less than 500 PSI.  The low internal dead volume prevents excessive dispersion and the replaceable inlet filter insures robust operation.  Available in models for analytical, semi-preparative and preparative inlet flow rates.

Custom Split Ratios

Split ratios and resistor cartridges other than those listed can be ordered to custom configure the QuickSplit Fixed Flow Splitter. Please contact ASI technical support for additional information about custom splitters.  We will gladly assist you in determining the best splitter configuration for your application.


Binary Fixed Flow Splitter General Description

Fixed Flow Splitter Performance Data

620/630/640 Series Fixed Flow Splitters General Installation Instruction