FlatLine™ Pulse Dampers

  • Flow path geometry combines clean flush out with minimal internal volume
  • Custom sizes available for OEM
  • High Capacity damper increases damping efficiency and range
  • Can be manufactured to include a pressure transducer and/or a prime purge valve
  • UHPLC damper is available

The ASI FlatLine Pulse Damper combines performance and reliability in a simple, easy to use housing. Standard 10-32 inlet and outlet ports allow quick connection into virtually any HPLC system. Solid core technology provides reliable long term operation without the down time associated with ruptured or leaking membrane dampers. Custom sizes and additional features like integral prime/purge valve available for the OEM market. For super critical CO2 applications, the model 590-0002 will provide reliable long term performance.

Although similar to the standard FlatLine Damper, the HC (High Capacity) features a bimodal damping mechanism which includes solid core and dynamic spring deflection. This combination increases damping efficiency over a wider pressure range. The HC is particularly well suited for damping at low pressures, below 500 PSI.

The ASI UPLC damper is designed to provide reliable damping at pressures up to 18,000 PSI. Solid core technology provides reliable operation without the down time associated with membrane dampers – even under the severe conditions associated with rapid pressure release.

Pulse Damper Data