Develop Better HPLC Equipment in Less Time

Partner with ASI to build components that consistently exceed your design and manufacturing standards.

What sets your HPLC equipment apart from the rest of the market? Is it quality, reliability, performance—or all of the above? If you refuse to compromise and want to work with a supplier that shares your outlook, ask ASI about our expertly engineered HPLC parts and components. We can apply our engineering and manufacturing expertise to develop custom products that meet your specific OEM and contract manufacturing requirements.

Speed Your Time to Market Without Sacrificing Quality

As you develop sophisticated instruments such as pumps, detectors, and fluidic systems, your time-to-market will be directly affected by the speed with which you can develop the components you need. Designing your own components is a reliable way to ensure you’ll get the level of quality your customers demand—but it’s also resource-intensive and time-consuming. Why not partner with a component manufacturer that can act as an extension of your team to help you meet your deadlines without cutting corners on quality?

ASI has worked with and designed OEM products for most of the leading HPLC manufacturers. We have the HPLC engineering capabilities to partner with your team throughout the design process and help you develop components that meet or exceed your standards. Through our collaboration, you’ll end up with a finished system that works better than you expected.

What’s the ASI difference? We don’t just strive to make cost-effective parts that imitate the appearance and performance of other components and replacement parts on the market. Instead, we apply our engineering expertise, sophisticated manufacturing approach, and rigorous quality control standards to design highly reliable parts—especially in the fluid handling realm.

Extend Your Competitive Advantage by Adding New Features

While getting to market sooner and increasing the performance of your machines is important, don’t stop there. By collaborating with ASI and leveraging our engineering expertise, you may be able to add much-in-demand features and capabilities to your equipment that will allow scientists to use your equipment at a whole new level. That can translate to greater market share and higher overall revenues – possibly even new markets.

Explore the alternatives to designing and manufacturing your own HPLC components and parts. ASI can save time and money for OEMs like you—while enhancing the overall quality of your finished instruments. To learn more about how ASI can provide high-quality components or subassemblies for your next HPLC project, contact us today.