QuickSplit™ AS650 Automated Flow Splitter

  • Automatically maintains constant split ratio during gradient runs, pre-column or post- column
  • Front panel push button control over split ratio
  • Flow rate and column head pressure graphically displayed recorded on PC in real time
  • Fast flow rate equilibration time
  • Cost effective. Converts any analytical HPLC system to nano or capillary flow rates without the investment in a dedicated system
  • Modular design. Easy to install, operate and remove
  • Dynamic feedback flow control. Delivers constant split flow rate regardless of mobile phase viscosity and HPLC column back pressure
  • Fast equilibration times. Since equilibration time is determined by the HPLC system flow, equilibration is faster and less prone to thermal errors
  • Reproducible results. Robust and simple design of key components insures reproducible run to run results
  • Keypad entry of split flow parameters. Push button control eliminates manual hardware adjustments and flow rate measurements
  • Windows software monitors pressure and flow rate real time. Provides real time diagnostics of system performance
  • Configurable for a wide range of flow rates. Available in a wide variety of models for pre-column applications

The QuickSplit AS650 Automated Flow Splitter finally takes the guess work out of flow splitting.  Push button control eliminates the need for tedious adjustments and flow measurements for flow rates as low as 100 nL/min.  The AS650 is compatible with all HPLC systems and connects with standard chromatography fittings.  The modular design of the AS650 allows the unit to be used in a plug and play fashion.  The autosplitter connects to any HPLC system between the pump and autoinjector.  Once connected, the AS650 will deliver programmed split flows ranging from 100 nL/min. to 250 µL/min.  If your applications calls for a return to analytical flow rates, simply disconnect the unit and return the HPLC system to normal operation.

The AS650 is the first fully automated modular flow splitter for HPLC and LC/MS.  The AS650 is a convenient and cost effective way to convert any HPLC System to deliver nanoliter and microliter flow rates.  Inlet and outlet flow rates are digitally set on the user interface, an alpha numeric keypad, and a 4 line LED displays inputs and status.  Windows software provides real time pressure and flow rate outputs displayed on your PC.  Because the AS650 dynamically compensates for any pressure changes which occur downstream from the device, it is possible to use the instrument in a pre-column split mode and maintain a constant split ratio and flow rate during gradient HPLC.  Split ratios are stable and not effected by pressure fluctuations generated by mobile phase viscosity changes during gradient HPLC.  This feature makes the AS650 ideal for separating proteins, peptides, and small molecules by capillary LC/MS.  Since equilibration time is determined by the HPLC system flow, automated split control also minimizes the long and tedious equilibration times associated with dedicated nano/capillary HPLC systems.  This feature also makes the AS650 much less prone to flow rate errors associated with temperature fluctuations.  The design of the AS650 is optimized to minimize delay volume and gradient distortion while maintaining a flexible layout of key components to accommodate a wide range of flow rate configurations.  Although the AS650 is designed primarily for pre-column applications, it can also be used for post-column applications such as fraction collection.

AS650 Flyer

AS650 Performance Data