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Static Mixer Development Kits

For the equipment manufacturer, or the scientist that needs to optimize a separation or process – we offer Static Mixer Development Kits.Choose a volume series that is suitable for your flow rate range, and then select a port configuration for your a…
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New release!! Rupture Proof Diaphragm Dampers

We are happy to release a series of Rupture Proof Diaphragm Dampers.Please open the link and contact us for further information and OEM inquiries are welcome!!Rupture Proof Diaphragm Dampers …
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Infusion Syringe Pump

ASI 576 Infusion Syringe Pump for MS target analyte tuning; ion suppression test & matrix addition. The Infusion Syringe Pump is configured to inject either sample or wash solvent into a post-column medium pressure fluidic system via integrated s…
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