QuickSplit™ Flow Splitters

  • Available with Fixed or Adjustable split ratios
  • Interchangeable fluid resistors allow quick and easy split ratio changes, eliminating tedious adjustments to capillary tubing
  • Can be used for any application where a controlled, reproducible split ratio is required, including LC/MS, Flow Fractionation, Pre/Post Column flow splitting, Mass Directed Fraction Collection, and Capillary Chromatography
  • Come in flow rate ranges compatible with Nano, Micro, Analytical, Semi-preparative and Preparative HPLC
  • Available with Makeup inlet port and delay coil, ideal for Mass directed fraction collection and Preparative HPLC
  • Replacement resistor sets are available for all models, in standard and custom split ratios
  • Convenient replaceable inlet filters ensure long-term reliability
  • AS650 Automated Flow Splitter is a fully automated flow splitter designed to maintain constant split flow during pre-column gradient operation

QuickSplit™ Flow Splitters create accurate, reproducible split ratios using two or more fluid resistors in parallel flow paths.  These fluid resistors are available in a wide range of values, making ratios of 1:1 to 20,000:1 possible. Our fluid resistors have extremely low internal volume.  Delay volume on the splitter’s low side is as low as 100 nanoliters, depending on resistor cartridge selected. Low internal dead volume prevents excessive dispersion. While changes in flow rate and viscosity will affect the splitter’s back pressure, viscosity changes associated with gradient runs DO NOT impact the split ratio for post-column applications.  Because of very low fluid resistor internal volume, solvent composition in both resistors at any instant in time is the same.

Significant pressure changes that occur during pre-column gradient runs may affect the split ratio accuracy.  For these pre-column applications we recommend the A650 Automated Flow Splitter.

Flow Splitter General Post-Column and Pre-Column Applications

600 Series Adjustable Flow Splitter, 620/630/640 Series Fixed Flow Splitters General Installation Instruction

610 Series Adjustable Flow Splitter, 620/630/640 Series Fixed Flow Splitters General Installation Instruction