For the equipment manufacturer, or the scientist that needs to optimize a separation or process – we offer Static Mixer Development Kits.

Choose a volume series that is suitable for your flow rate range, and then select a port configuration for your application. For instance if the method requires a flow rate of .030 mL/min, choose the micro series and either in-line, binary or ternary input housings. The kit includes all of the different volumes of cartridges that fit this housing series. Please consult ASI technical support for a recommendation on which series best fits your flow range and application.

Please refer to Static Mixer Application Notes and Volume Selection Guide for guidance on finding the best volume series.

To start: Choose Stainless Steel version or Biocompatible PEEK version


Installation Instructions Document 1: Modular style In-line, Binary & Ternary

Installation Instructions Document 2: Micro & Low Flow series Biocompatible PEEK Binary & Ternary

Installation Instructions Document 3: Modular style Binary & Ternary

Installation Instructions Document 4: Micro series In-line

Installation Instructions Document 5: Micro series Binary & Ternary