In-line Check Valves

ASI In-line check valves are designed to limit flow to only one direction, similar to diodes in an electric circuit. Valves are spring loaded to permit reliable operation in either horizontal or vertical orientation. Maximum pressure limits are 15,000 PSI, and 30,000 PSI for the Ultra High Pressure.

The Slim-Line Series has the same features as In-Line check valve and also offers ultra low internal volume in a slender design.  It is a rapid-closure cartridge valve that features very low resistance to flow, low internal volume, and operates independently of gravity.  It is protected from solvent contamination by a 20 micron filter and features crush-proof construction.  The valve may be used whenever flow needs to be restricted to one direction.  Applications include prevention of post column derivatization fluids from back-flowing into the column in the event of mobile phase pump failure.  

1/8" and 3/16" ball In-line check valves are also available in High Temperature version that will operate at up to 200°C at 5,000 PSI.  Also ASI offers Acetonitrile-resistant version for all In-line check valves.