Placed between the pump and injector, these filters protect the injector from pump seal wear material and extend the life of the column prefilter.  All filters are made from 316 stainless steel and are rated to 6,000 PSI.  Filters for UHPLC are rated to 15,000 PSI.  All male/female ports are compatible with 10-32 compression fittings. This filter features a clean-swept internal volume and a large 2.2 cm² filter area that will provide a long service life. Filter cartridges are available in 0.2 micron, 0.5 micron and 2 micron porosity, and are both interchangeable and replaceable.  Total internal volume is 90 µL for 0.2 micron filter, 100 µL for 0.5 micron filter, and 120 µL for 2 micron filter.