• Vortex sheer mixing that is twice as efficient as conventional stir bar mixers
  • Compact design allows easy integration into any HPLC system

The ASI dynamic mixer uses the same principal as our static mixers, except additional energy is added to the flow stream by a magnetically coupled rotor.  This results in far greater mixing for the same amount of mixer dead volume, but also results in more flush-out volume and tailing than static mixers.  Dynamic mixers work best in steady state flow conditions when multiple solvents need to be mixed.  TFA presents another application where the ASI dynamic mixer performs well.  The 492-1000A is frequently used to solve TFA mixing problems with the Agilent 1100 pump.

Approximately up to 20 Cp viscosity can be mixed.

The upper half of the mixing chamber, which contains the rotor, can be removed and cleaned. The lower half contains the ports and can be accessed but for cleaning.