ASI Model 540 HPLC Pumps

  • Designed with the chromatographer in mind
  • Reliable, Low Cost Solution with state-of the art Modbus RTU control
  • Isocratic or Gradient systems
  • Available with integral wash pump option 

ASI Model 540 HPLC Pumps Features

  • Self-priming Pump Head
    • Integral prime/purge
    • Rapid solvent changes
    • Pump primes any solvent, any flow rate
  • Patented Floating Pump Seal
    • Seal floats in alignment relative to piston
  • Micro, Analytical, Semi-Prep, and Prep pump heads available
  • UHPLC Micro and Analytical pump Available
  • Intuitive touch screen
    • Pump touch screen control, Run methods from touch screen
    • Included GUI application for computer control
    • Program 1,000 method lines for Isocratic or Gradient control.
    • Robust Open Modbus RTU for OEM control.
  • USB-serial connection
  • Solvent Compressibility Compensation User
    • User can select from a library of 15 solvents
    • Fourteen additional user-configured solvents
  • Easy Maintenance
    • All user serviceable components are accessed via the front panel
    • Cartridge seal design makes seal replacement easy

We offer the options below for OEM customers

  • Option #1: mechanical pump assembly only 
  • Option #2: pump + PCBA + hydraulics (transducer + purge valve + damper)
  • Option #3: pump + PCBA + transducer + purge valve (option #2 minus damper)

CE mark

ASI Model 540 Pump Flyer