The Model 541 is a high performance, compact solvent delivery module that has been designed to compete with the most expensive pump systems on the market in reliability and performance without the high cost.  A dual piston design with solvent compressibility feedback assures virtually pulse-free and accurate solvent delivery.  It may be used as an economical stand alone pump for isocratic operation, or for gradient operation.  UHPLC (Maximum pressure: 15,000 PSI) is available for Micro and Analytical flow.  Also Titanium pump heads and Biocompatible PEEK pump heads are available for all flow ranges.   

Self-priming Pump Head
  • Integral prime/purge
  • Rapid solvent changes
  • Pump primes--solvent, any flow rate
Patented Floating Pump Seal
  • Seal floats in alignment relative to piston
Intuitive touch screen
  • Pump touch screen control, Run methods from touch screen
  • Included GUI application for computer control
  • Robust open Modbus RTU for OEM control
Programming Methods Capabilities
  • Flow programming is possible.  Methods are programmed by Modbus or GUI and saved to the pump controller.  Saved methods can be run by GUI, Modbus or pump touchscreen.  Up to 250 flow program steps can be stored in each individual pump.  The longest possible step time interval is 60,000 seconds.  The steps can be distributed between as many or as few program methods as desired.
USP-serial Connection
Solvent Compressibility Compensation User
  • User can select from a library of 15 solvents
  • Fourteen additional user-configured solvents
Easy Maintenance
  • All user serviceable components are accessed via the front panel
  • Cartridge seal design makes seal replacement easy


We offer the options below for OEM customers

  • Option #1: mechanical pump assembly only 
  • Option #2: pump + PCBA + hydraulics (transducer + purge valve + damper)
  • Option #3: pump + PCBA + transducer + purge valve (option #2 minus damper)


CE Mark