Flow rate range: 500 μL/min. to 5 mL/min.

This kit contains 350 µL and 500 µL cartridges and 1 housing you select. 2 cartridges are interchangeable and fit in Analytical Flow Series In-line housing. You may swap 2 cartridges until you define the right volume for your application. By using this kit, you will be able to reduce your development cost not only because of the benefit of interchangeable cartridges but also because we offer the reduced price as a kit.  Besides that, you may interchange the cartridges when your requirement changes. 

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Static Mixer Development Kit, Analytical High Flow, Biocompatible

Part Number: 421-350-500B-KF
Cartridge Volume Selection (Fixed) *
Housing Configuration *
Fittings *

Port size: 10-32 CPI (standard HPLC fittings for 1/16" tube)

Compatible with Thermo Scientific™ nanoViper™ Fingertight Fittings

Maximum Operating Pressure: 3,000 PSI

Delay volume: 350 µL

Back pressure: < 2 PSI @ 1 mL/min. with water

Delay volume: 500 µL

Back pressure: < 2 PSI @ 1 mL/min. with water

Part Number:
Wetted Material:

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