ASI 546 series metering pumps are intended for manufacturing & engineering applications requiring
high pressure metering and accurate fluid flows. The 546 series metering pump features one of four
standard flow ranges: 250, 500, 1,000 and 1,500 mL.
The 546 series has been optimized for 24/7 production conditions with less than 5% peak-to-peak
pressure pulsation. For applications that require absolute minimum pressure pulsation, please
consider 545 series pumps.
All pump types feature:
Self-priming pump head
Integral prime/purge assembly for changing solvent quickly
Wash option for USE when running buffers
User interface consists of touchscreen display or Modbus RTU (RS485 or USB-serial)

Please contact us for more detail and also for the different material, in Titanium or in PEEK as well.


Option #1: Mechanical Pump Assembly only

Option #2: Pump + Servo Controller + Hydraulic Module (Transducer + Purge valve + Damper)

Option #3: Pump + Servo Controller + Hydraulic Module without Damper

Option #4: Pump Assembly in Chassis

Option #1 to #4 are the typical configurations and we will make a custom configuration for your specifications.

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Model 546, Star Pilot Metering Pump, 1,500 mL/min., SST

Contact us for pricing and availability

Part Number: 546-1500

Flow Range: 5.00 mL/min. to 1,500 mL/min.

Maximum pressure: 3,000 PSI

Accuracy: ±1% of specified flow or ±200 μL/min. (whichever is greater)

Precision: 0.50%, 100 - 500 mL/min.

Pulsation: 5% Δ P/P

Dimensions in chassis: 11.5" W x 20.75" D x 11.25" H

Weight in chassis: 75 lbs.

Power requirement: International AC input 220/240 Vac, 50/60 Hz

All specifications are under load conditions of 500 PSI and 20°C.

Part Number:
Wetted Material:
316 Stainless Steel, PEEK, Titanium, Teflon® or UHMW and Sapphire and Ruby

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