Inlet/Outlet Cartridge for Shimadzu LC-10ADvp, LC-20AB, LC-20AD, LC-20ADXR, LC-20ADsp, LC-20ADnano and Secondary Inlet Valve Cartridge for LC-20AT and Outlet Cartridge for LC-10AD, LC-600, LC-9A, LC-10AT, LC-10ATvp. Needs ASI Inlet housings. If you have not used ASI check valves in the past, then we recommend that you purchase the complete assembly. For better performance, we recommend that you use ASI check valves for both inlet and outlet.

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Inlet/Outlet Cartridge, Shimadzu LC-10ADvp, LC-20AB, LC-20AD, LC-20ADXR, LC-30ADSF, Prominence-i (LC-2030/C), Nexera-i (LC-2040/C), Inlet Cartridge for LC-20AT (Secondary inlet) and Outlet Cartridge for LC-600, LC-9A, 10AD, LC-10AT, LC-10ATvp

Part Number: 250-1492
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