Gilson/Rainin 5 mL/min. and 10 mL/min. Stainless Steel, Titanium heads Check Valve. 

This assembly includes: cartridge and housing. If you have not used ASI check valves in the past, then we recommend that you purchase the complete assembly. For better performance, we recommend that you use ASI check valves for both inlet and outlet.

This check valve is suitable for all applications, both wash and non-wash option, however because the housing is made of Stainless Steel and the cartridge contains Stainless Steel, the pumps should not be left idle for an extended period of time with halide containing buffers.  Rinse pumps with an alternative halide-free buffer or with pure water. 

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Inlet Check Valve Assembly, Gilson/Rainin 5SC, 5SS, 5TI, 10SC, 10SS, 10WSS, 10TI, 10WTI

Part Number: 250-1380
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Part Number:
OEM Number:
3645242, E50131, R00710616
Wetted Material:
316 Stainless Steel, Teflon, PEEK, KAPTON plus Ball & Seat material you select

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