Check Valves Designed for Operation in Acetonitrile

One of the headaches when using acetonitrile is the tendency for the ball and seat to get stuck – actually bonded – in the closed position. The frequency of this frustrating phenomenon depends on a number of factors, including the surface finish and condition of the ball and seat. The R & D team at ASI has developed a new check valve that will not bond shut in the presence of Acetonitrile – even when immersed and unused for days or weeks at a time. We offer the same self-priming, rapid closure that ASI valves have always been known for.

Acetonitrile-resistant valves are now available for all Check Valve Cartridges that we currently offer – including Waters, Agilent and other brands. Please simply add “ACN” at the end of the current P/Ns to order. Contact ASI for the more information.