This mixer is sold as complete assemblies only.  A mixer body is protected by Chemical-Resistant PVC which holds up to 221°F.  This mixer is not designed to be disassembled by customer.

Maximum Operating Pressure: 2,500 PSI for 1/4-28 Flat Bottom when used with IDEX P-331 (Super Flangeless™ Nut PEEK, 1/4-28 Flat-Bottom, for 1/8" OD) and P350 (Super Flangeless™ Ferrule PEEK w/SST Ring, 1/4-28 Flat-Bottom, for 1/8" OD).

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12.0 mL Standard HPLC Static Mixer Assembly

Part Number: 451-12000
Housing Assembly *
Inlet & Outlet Ports Compatibility *

Port size: 10-32 CPI or 1/4-28 Flat Bottom

Compatible with Thermo Scientific™ nanoViper™ Fingertight Fittings (10-32 CPI)

Maximum Operating Pressure (10-32 CPI): 6,000 PSI

Maximum Operating Pressure (1/4-28 Flat Bottom): 2,500 PSI

Maximum Temperature Rating: 40 °C

Part Number:
Wetted Material:
316 Stainless Steel, PEEK

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