ASI Model 520 HPLC Pumps

  • Designed with the chromatographer in mind
  • Reliable, Low Cost Solution
  • Isocratic or Gradient systems
  • NEW Digital Software Control via DataApex Clarity 6.0

ASI Model 520 HPLC Pumps Features

  • Self-priming Pump Head
    • Integral prime/purge
    • Rapid solvent changes
    • Pump primes--solvent, any flow rate
  • Patented Floating Pump Seal
    • Seal floats in alignment relative to piston
  • Micro, Analytical, Semi-Prep, and Prep pump heads Available
  • UHPLC analytical pump Available
  • Intuitive front panel control
    • Monitor key parameters via alphanumeric keypad and 4-line x 20-character LCD display
    • Program and store up to 20 linkable methods of 20 program steps each, and max time/step of 650 minutes in 0.1 steps
  • Solvent Compressibility Compensation User
    • User can select from a library of 15 solvents
    • Fourteen additional user-configured solvents
  • Easy Maintenance
    • All user serviceable components are accessed via the front panel
    • Cartridge seal design makes seal replacement easy

WE ARE Pleased to announce that ALL ASI 500 series pumps are now supported by DataApex’s Clarity 6.0 chromatography software!  Clarity will acquire, analyze and manage data from any analog output LC, GC or peripheral -- four instruments with 12 detectors max.  The Clarity LC Module provides digital control for 400+ chromatographic devices and related peripherals.  Finally, Clarity is FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant.

ASI Model 520 Pump Flyer

ASI Model 520 Pump Performance Data

ASI Model 520 Pumps Specification