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UltraShield HPLC/UHPLC Precolumn Filter

  • Economical protection against micro-particles

  • Extends column lifetime

  • Negligible effect on column performance

  • Universal fit, connects directly to column

  • Leak tight to 15,000 PSI

UltraShield direct connect precolumn filters provide economical protection from the harmful effects of sample and mobile phase particulates on modern UHPLC and other high resolution HPLC columns. UltraShield was engineered specifically for use in fast, high efficiency separations requiring high mobile phase velocities and ultra high pressure. UltraShield maintains the efficiency of these high performance columns assuring no loss of critical resolution. With its simple design, UltraShield installs in any analytical column in seconds and is leak tight to 15,000 PSI. Simply tighten the filter with a wrench until it is snug, followed by an additional 1/4 turn.

Ordering Information

Description ASI Part Number
UltraShield Precolumn Filter Assembly 850-1010
UltraShield Precolumn Filter Assembly, 5/Pack 850-1010-05
UltraShield Precolumn Filter Assembly, 10/Pack 850-1010-10


Inlet/Outlet: Female/Male 10-32
Port Geometry: Parker (1/16 CPI)
Material: Stainless Steel, PEEK ferrule

Filter: 0.5 micron Titanium
Pressure Rating: 15,000 psig
Wrench Flat: 5/16”

UltraShield Precolumn Filters Maintain Critical Resolution

As the above chromatograms illustrate, UltraShield Precolumn Filters maintain the theoretical plates, N, of very efficient UHPLC columns. Column: 4.6 x 50 mm HALO® C18 Fused-Core®

Figure 47

  Peak 1 Peak 2 Peak3
N w/o UltraShield 10,542 11,459 10,796
N with UltraShield 10,307 11,457 10,784
% Change -2,2% 0% -0.1%